Zorki-4/4K Custom covering kit

This is the Custom covering kit for replace Zorki-4 and Zorki-4K Leatherette.
This is an example photo of Zorki-4 in Pebble emboss.

This kit fit to Zorki-4K (Lever Wind Zorki-4) and one type of Zorki-4 (type-6?)
There are several types of Zorki-4 and this kit fits to
1. The type which does NOT have strap lugs on the camera body.
2. Which has leatherette on the surface. (It does NOT fit to the type which has vulcanite on its surface.)

Please make sure if this kit fit to your Zorki-4.

Camera and Lens are NOT included in this kit.

Please refer the install guide here, or find the URL below.

More colors and textures

#4040 ScrewMount Leica Emboss (Composite leather) : Click Here for the sample photo.
Black Shrink Emboss (cowhide)
Black Ostrich Emboss (cowhide) :
Wine Red Snake (cowhide) : Click Here for the sample photo.
Yellow Snake (cowhide) : Click Here for the sample photo.
Japanesque Gold (Polyurethane) : Click Here for the sample photo.

Please ask for the other colors or materials.

The price is 14 USD.
No camera is included in this kit. The Price is per 1 kit.

Zorki-4/4K Custom covering kit 14 USD
Qty :

This covering kit is made with special shape cutter (metal mold) and pressing machine

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