Custom Body covering for Canon DEMI EE17

This is the custom kit for exchanging Canon DEMI. EE17's coverings.

Please Click Here to find our material/color list.

Some are Self adhesive, when you apply to your camera, you do not need glue.
No glued ones are not self adhesive, please use adhesive like rubber cement for applying on camera body.

Please choose rear dooe shape A or B as above image.

The price is 10USD per 1 kit.

Asia : $5.50 US (registered airmail)
Europe & Oceania : $6.30 US (registered airmail)
South America & Africa : $6.50 US (registered airmail)

USA : service unavailable, or $25 US (via UPS, there is NO lower price shipping method to US)
UK : service unavailable, or $25 US (via UPS)
France : service unavailable, or $25 US (via UPS)
Germany : service unavailable, or $25 US (via UPS)
Finland : service unavailable, or $25 US (via UPS)

Please check our top page ( for more information.

Canon DEMI EE17 Custom Covering
Please choose the color from down list box on the right.
10 USD
Quantity :

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