Shutter Curtain Material , Shutter Tape

Shutter curtain material
: 200mm x 200mm x 0.2mm (8" x 8" X 0.008". ) : 1 sheet
Shutter Tape (Ribbon) : 3.5mm x 2000mm x 0.11mm (
0.12" x 80" X 0.0044")

Those materials are suitable for the horizontal traveled focal plane shutters like Leica, Exakta, etc.

Shutter tape is also suitable for repairing old Contax cameras' shutter tape.

Pinhole checked by factory, you can be assured to use this Curtain.

Please Click HERE to find the basic guide page to make shutter unit (for horizontal traveled focal plane shutters).

Sizes are not very accurate. ex) approximately 15cm x approximately 120cm (probably 16cm x 121cm).

Shipping Fee

Asia : $7.40 US (registered airmail)
Europe & Oceania : $8.40 US (registered airmail)
South America & Africa : $8.80 US (registered airmail)

: $7.20 US (non-registered airmail)
Australia : $4.60 US (non-registered airmail)
Canada : $4.60 US (non-registered airmail)

Shutter curtain (20cm x 20cm)
Silk + Rubber type

Shutter Tape is not included

temporary unavailable
 $22 USD
Qty :

shutter tape 2m length

$6 USD 
Qty :
Shutter Curtan (15cm x 100cm)
Nylon + Rubber type

For Large Format Cameras
$25 USD
Qty :
Shutter Curtan (15cm x 140cm)
Nylon + Rubber type

For Large Format Cameras
$33 USD
Qty :

Super X glue (20cc)

$5 USD
Qty :

Other size, please ask,

We do not recommend to use Nylon + Rubber type curtani for 35mm or Medium format cameras.

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