Fuji Fine Pix X100 Leather Snap Case

We have 2 kinds of X100 leather cases.

"Hand dyed case"($108 USD) and "Color Leather case"($98 USD).

It is made to order case, allow us 1 week to 2 weeks handling time.

1. Hand Dyed Case $108 US

Dark Tan / Light Tan, 2 kinds are available.
Dyed by aki-asahi, on the high quality craft leather (100% vegitable tanned leather), antique appearance.
Pig suede inner covers camera body softly.

<Dark Tan sample photos>

<Light Tan sample photos>

2DX100 Color leather snap case $98 US

<Wine Red + Red stitching sample photos>

Wine Red + White Stitching sample photo link

Dacota Brown material is naturally winkled surface (not flat surface), cowhide.

<Flat Black + White stitching sample photos>

Flat Black + Green Stitching sample photo link

Flat Black material is Flat surface (not winkled), cowhide.

Other sample photos, please click here to see.

You could choose stitch color form White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Dark Brown Light Blue.

Thicness : 2.2mm - 2.4mm,
Weight : 40grams - 45grams

It does not have Tripod Socket hole on bottom. Since the Bottom thickness is 6mm, tripod screw is too short, never reach to the camera body.

We use 6 pcs of Rule Dies to make this case. 3 of them were bent by ourselves.

Our JIG for embossing stitching guide lines on the leather surface.

Please use mink oil or relative leathere care products sometimes (not often).

Silver and Black, 3 kinds of Snaps are available.

Strap is not included, please click here too see matching strap.

Fine Pix X100 Snap Case Hand Dye

$108 US
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Fine Pix X100 Color Leather snap case

$98 US :
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These cases are made by Aki-Asahi, Made in Japan.
Leather materials are from Himeji Japan.