Neck/Shoulder Strap, w/26mm width shoulder pad

Simple neck/shoulder strap with 26mm(1") x 300mm(11.8") shoulder pad.
strap width is approx. 11mm.

Matrial is Cowhide and Pig suede (inner).
I apologieze for Moslem customers, we use pig skin for this strap.

Adjustable length, maximum 1100mm, minimum 800mm.

Sample image with Leica M3.
Round shape strap lug As above image, please use
Lug Cover (included).


Sample image with Sigma DP-2 Merrill.
Square shape strap lug as above image,
please do not use Lug cover.


This color is nice with Sony RX1

Click above image to see larger sized image.


The price is $31 USD, + $4 US Registered Airmail shipping fee.
You will receive the kit approximately 1 week to 10 days after your payment (ship from Japan).

Neck/Shoulder Strap,
w/26mm width shoulder pad
31 USD
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