Quick guide for removing the camera vulcanite.

1. This Example is FED-2, the process is the same with the other camera vulcanites,

2. Use Sellotape to protect the edge portions.

3. You could stick Sellotape 1 to 2mm inside.

4. Please prepare paint remover, I use Holts Paint Remover, you can get on any of the car chemical shop.

5. Pour the paint remover on the vulcanite.

6. Spread the remover whole vulcanite surface.

7. Wait 10 minutes or 15 minutes.

8. prepare a small scraper.

9. The paint remover melt the vulcanite, then you could remove very easily with the scraper.

10. Usually Soviet Cameras' vulcanite is very durable, you can not remove at a time.

11. Then please repeat the process again.

12. Pour the remover onto the vulcanite surface and wait 10 to 15 minutes.

13. scrape again.

14. After scraped the whole vulcanite, please rinse the surface very well.
Since the paint remover contains strong acid, then it corrodes the body shell. I reccomend you to use alkaline liquid (for example, D-76 : B & W film developper) for rinse liquid, if you can not find any of alkaline liquid, alcohole would be fine.

15. Finished, you can install the new leatherette.