How to replace SX-70/680/690SLR coverings.

1. Start remove from the edge.

2. Remove Slowly. Do NOT remove iron sheet under original coverings.

3. You can see it has remaining adhesive and original coverings.

4. Use kitchen paper dipped with alcohol. Cover on removed part. Then wait 5 to 10 minutes until alcohol soaked into remaining adhesive.

5. Rub remaining adhesive with kitchen paper dipped alcohol.

6. If the remaining adhesive is heavyly sticky, you can not remove completely at a time. Then please go back to 4 and repeat again.

7. After clean up the remaining adhesive, it shoud be like this.

8. You can see thin iron sheet under the original coverings. You should keep it as it is.

9. Do the same process, strip all of original coverings.

10. It is time to say Good Bye to old coverings.

11. The Custom Covering comes like this.

12. Take this part first.

13. Reverse.

14. Prepare paint brush and dip alcohol on paint brush.

15. Rub alcohol with brush on sticky side.

16. Apply cover on camera body.

17. You can adjust the covering before alcohol get dry.

18. Pull up the top cover.

19. As you did at 13. 14. 15. Rub alcohol and apply this part.

20. Adjust the right place before alcohol get dry.

21. Pull up completely and apply the back side.

22. I guess it is needless to explan anymore.

23. Repeat the same process and apply all the parts.

24. Please remember. The alcohol delays the adhesion and allows you time to position and adjust the skin.

25. Refleshed as new. Wait 2, 3 hours for solidified adhesive.

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