Olympus Pen S Rear Door Light seal replace.

1. Remove the old light seals and clean up the residue.

2. Take out the new light seal from the base paper.

3. Use cotton swab or paint brush and rub alcohol or water on the adhesive (sticky) side.
The alcohol or water delays the adhesion and allows you time to position and adjust the seals.

5. Start applying the seal.

6. place the seals onto the ditch.

7. Use flathead screwdriver and adjust the seals.

9, 10 The process is the same as 3, 4

11. This is good tool, bamboo stick. You can make by yourself.
You can use flathead screwdriver instead of bamboo stick.

12. Start applying from the end, Squeeze the seal into the ditch with flathead screw driver.

13. You do not have to stretch the seal when you apply.

15. It comes to the end.

16. After you have applied the seals, wait a few hours for the alcohol or water get dry.