Leather made Insulin Case

It can be place three pre-filled insulin syringes or two syringes and one sheath for three needles : sold separately.

the Case is made by double layered leather : Cow case surface, Pig suede inner. The two leathers were deeply drawn by different shaped forming molds as pictured.

The case can be placed 18mm diameter syringes : Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, lilly.

The short flap type is suitable for lilly's syringes; the long flap is designed for covering Sanofi & Novo's products.

This case can also be placed large diameter writing instruments like fountain pens

Available 3 colors : Dark Brown, Dark Green, Black. All of them are hand dyed.

We use pig suede for inner leather, I apologize it for Moslem customers.
Please inform us if you wish to have non pig suede version.

Needle Sheath

This sheath was designed for carrying three needles with our insulin case. We measureed two popular needles; thus, we are not sure the sheath can be fitted another needles.

Pen-needle 32G tapered : 0.23x6mm
BD Micro-Fine+ : 0.25x5mm

Black or Camel, 2 colors are available for Needle Sheath.

Shipping fee is $4 US to any country in the world via registered airmail.

Insulin Case

$90 US
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Needle Sheath

$8 US :
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