Quick install guide for Ricoh Auto Half light seal replace kit.


1. remove old seal (gascket) with bamboo stick (included in this kit)

2. clean up with benzine (ex. zippo lighter oil) or alcohol

3. remove the seal around view finder.

4. remove base paper of the new seal.


6. prepare tap water.

7. give tap water with cotton swab or paint brush on sticky side (sticky side). water delays adhesion, then you can adjust the foam onto the correct place.

8. install new foam.


9. adjust the foam before water get dried.

10. next step is view finder foam. you can find 2 pcs in 1 kit, please use whichever you want. it is fail safe, if you waste one, use another.

11. the process is the same as 7.

12. install view finder foam.

13. snake the foam into the viewfinder ditch.

15. install the foam around hinge.


16. I do not think you do not have to install this foam. But if you think you need it, please install this foam.

17. Please dry half day.