Mamiya Press 6x7 / 6x9 Film Holder Light Seals replace kit

This is Mamiya Press 6 x 9 Film Holder's Light Seals foam (backdoor gasket sponge and Mirror Cushion) replace kit.
(This item is "custom kit", NOT Mamiya brand-name parts.)

When the original light seals become old, it occurs light leaks and backdoor rattling.
It is time to replace the new Light seals, you do not have to worry about those problems any more.

This seal kit covers whole Mamiya press 6 x 9 film holder's Light seals as below.

Film Holder is NOT included in this item.

Please confirm the size before you purchase.

Click Here to get the PDF file.

Those are already cut, Ready to Use, You do not need to cut by yourself,

How many hours you should spend for measuring foam seal size and cut them if you do it by yourself?
Actually I spent 2 hours for measuring to make datas of cutting molds.

You can save time, this is no hassle and these are accurate size for Mamiya Press 6 x 9 Film Holder

Install this kit is not very difficult,
2 foam kits are included, you do not have to worry if you waste one or two.
If you are not so confident, you can use 2 kits for exercise, you can install perfectly for the 3rd time.

1. Remove the old light seals and clean up the residue with alcohol or benzine.
2. Take out the new light seal from the base paper.
3. Use cotton swab or paint brush and rub alcohol or water on the adhesive (sticky) side.
The alcohol or water delays the adhesion and allows you time to position and adjust the seals.

4. place the seals onto the ditch.

5,6. Use flathead screwdriver and adjust the seals before the alcohol get dry.

This kit fits to Mamiya Press 6x7 / 6x9 Film Holder, does NOT fit to the other size film holders.

The price is 12 USD.

Mamiya Press 6 x 9 Film Holder Light Seals replace kit 12 USD
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