Lomo LC-A backdoor Light Seals replacement Quick Guide

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1. There are 2 kits of LC-A backdoor Light Seals and bamboo stick.

2. peeling off the old light seals and residue with bamboo stick.

3. If the residue is too sticky, peel off them with sharp knife.

4. Drop a little alcohol or benign or Zippo Lighter oil onto the residue.

Clean up the with cotton swab.

6.If you have rubber cement, I strongly recommend to use it for strengthen.

7.Rub rubber cement to the half tone portions above photo.

8. Dry rubber cement 5 to 10 minutes.

9. Take out new light seal from the base paper and reverse the light seal.

10.You are facing adhesion side of the light seal.

11. Rub alcohol or water or zippo lighter oil onto the adhesion side, The alcohol delays the adhesion and allows you time to position and adjust the seal,

12. Apply the seal from the end.

13. Do not have to stretch the seal. You can position the seal
before the alcohol (or water) get dry.

14. The next part, follow as 10A11, then apply from the blue allowhead.

15. Squeeze the seal under the hinge with bamboo stick.

16. then apply the other end.

17. The last one.

18. Apply the seal as Blue line shape of above photo.

19. After you applied all seals, press them onto the camera body with your finger.

20. Wait 20 to 30 minutes for drying alcohol (or water), then you can close the back door.

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