Custom body covering for Leica IIIf with Selftimer

This is Custom covering kit for Leica IIIIf with selftimer type. (NOT genuine parts supplied by Leitz).

Above sample photo is #4008 Leatherette. Synthetic Leather.

Self adhesive, you do not need glue.


IIIf w/ selftimer's original vulcanite is rather close to M3.
I can not provide the same surface pattern one.

More Materials

#4040 Screwmount Leica emboss : Click here to sell a sample photo.
#4040 emboss is very similar to IIIc IIIf, but does not similar to IIIf w/ selftimer's original vulcanite.

The price is $24 USD (1 kit)

No Leica camera is included in this kit.

How to Install

Please click here for installation page or find the link below.

Leica IIIf with Selftimer Custom body covering

$24 USD

Color Qty :

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