Canon Power Shot S120 Custom Leather Grip

This item fits to Canon Power Shot S120, does not fit to any other camera.

Leather formed grip and leatherette as above image.
Rubber is inside of the grip. It is rather hard touch but softer than plastic or wood grip.

You can grip the cameral tightly with this grip.

<Sample photos>
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Black Crinkled emboss

Navy Blue Crinkled emboss


Ocher Lizard emboss

Please see installation guide video.

If you can not watch above video, please click here for Youtube link.

The price is $25 USD + $4 US Registered Airmail shipping fee.
Handling time, 3 or 4 days.

Canon Power Shot S120 Custom Leather Grip $25 USD
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Canon Powershot S120
Screen Guard Film
5x Clear Screen Guardr Film
+ Cleaning Wiper Cloth + Wiper Card

$4.50 USD
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